The Reason Why I lOVE YOU

Fly away with me to a world of passionate love and happiness where what we share is forever and what we know is always,

Never to be forgotten but remembered in the past moments

we take actions of sweet love

Always in getting what I want in return giving what you need

forever in your debt

so never will u need

always give you my hearts

love for if not I lose me

:) I love you baby

 -David Alan Williams II

The married life

This is.very important. Well as you know i had a bad dream and it left me with an unstable feel. Especially since i never ended up talking to my husband. Well out of anger i decided not to answer any of his calls if he called. But i couldn’t help but tell him how i feel so i tried to call him but no response so i texted. I told him that i felt like he didnt care and that im in it alone. I never gotta reponse and since i was at work and my phone was dying i turned it off. Once i got home still in anger i still didnt want to talk to him so i left my phone on the charge and went ot for a while. When i got back there was this massive text from him trying to explain what happen. It honestly made me feel a hole lot better. Especially since he was such a mess. So i called him up and to find out that he had a dream that night. Hes dream shockingly corresponded to mine and left him as distraught as it left me. And he actually thought that i might leave him because he woke up .to the text message .i sent him that morning which also.corresponded to what i said in his dream. The enemy is a sly tricky bastard tht will so any seeds he can if you let him. So know im once again sleepless in Seattle without my hubby to comfort me in my sleep.

The married life

Since i dont want people to think married life is all peaches and cream im going to convey my feelings today. I awakened this afternoon from a bad dream. I dreamt that my and my husband were separated. I was still madly in love with him and was faithful to our marriage. As the dream went on i ran into and complained that someone had stolen pieces of my bike. He than said that he knew where everything was and told me.where to find it. Once i had gotten all the pieces back i asked him how did he know where they were. He explained that he was in the middle of having sex with some girl he.had met a earlier tht night and he had seen who tried to steal it but they dropped it and ran off. He said so non chalantly that i knew he had been sleeping with other women this whole time. I was so stunned that he said that. I asked him if i heard him correctly that he was having sex with another women and he said yes he was and what of it. I instantly felt the pit of my stomach chrun. I responded ‘i know we’re separated but i never thought that you would be having affairs with other women. And he said were not together so it doesn’t matter and i should be doing the same. I couldnt believe what i was hearing, my husband telling me.that hes sleeping with other women and i.should sleep withh other men. Throughout the rest of the dream i was a walking zombie,not knowing what to believe in or what to do. I popped up out of my sleep with the same churning in my stomach and a min later my husband calls only to say tht he meant his father to pick him up.from work and that he will call me back. I didnt want to get off but he insisted. I waited for him to call but he never did and by this time he has already.started working at his second job. But this sick churning in my stomach never went away. And i know that my dream will never come.true but its those type of dream that are the most.dangerous because they sow a seed in your heart. And cause you to doubt when there reason. And being in a long distance relationship makes things ten times worse because you cant see each and are walking by faith.

Married life

Im a little wiser now….so when people ask me how do you know the difference between real love and puppy love? I tell them real love is when you come to realize that they could crush your whole existence With their little finger. When you have completely taken the leap of faith and given your heart to them for protection. Your love is real when one itty bitty comment can make your heart drop into your stomach. When you care about something you dislike only because they care about it. Now thats real real love. Puppy love is when you ” think” that your in real love. And yes it can mimic real love untik it grows into it but real love is not something you think about. Its just a blessing from God. Puppy love feels surreal like your living in your own world. Real love is the opposite.

The married life

Def at the point where only my husband can make me feel better.

The married life

Gotta love being up all night ……having heart 2 hearts :)

The married life

Up late…..watching my hubby sleep. Wondering if he dreams about me when i whisper in his ear. If he dreams of kissing me when i kiss his lips. If he notices me squeezing him not too hard but just hard enough to stir him. I am really going to miss this…..:(

The married life

At this moment i honest believe that i could work with my husband at the same job….most married couples with seniority say that they need time away but i dnt think that will happen to me. Now i cant say the same for him but i know that i love spending as much time as i can awake or sleeping:)

enough said

enough said